Thursday, January 7, 2010

Window frame option

Today Advantage asked if I want to add the $700 option to cover the window frames in ultra leather.  I wasn't sure so I said the window frames look good to me, and asked for some shots of the difference...

Hi Adam,
We looked over all of your window frames. I agree that they look like they're in good condition, and think you're fine not covering them. We leaned in that direction, but wanted to make sure from you. We will repair and paint all of your plastic as part of the job, so they'll look nice. I realized after looking just now, that it's difficult to tell the difference in pictures. The covered frames naturally feel softer, but don't look that much different. I think the only visual difference is the painted plastic has a satin finish to it, where as the material appears flat. I'm attaching two pictures to this email. The first one shows covered window frames sitting on top of covered side panels (all the same material). The second picture shows the baggage area of the same airplane, where the covered window frame sits on top of a painted plastic side panel. The bulkhead beside it is also painted plastic (those pieces couldn't be covered and still fit into the track). I'm hoping that will show the two beside each other sufficiently, and that visually they're very close. If you have any questions, or want any different pictures, please let me know. Thank you.

Here are the two shots, I literally could not tell the difference at all, so I'm passing on that option...

I don't see a difference... do you?

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