Saturday, June 4, 2016

FlightStream 210

Just when I think I've got every Garmin gadget imaginable they come out with another one.  I bought a FlightStream 210 which is a little bluetooth device that physically sits on top of my GTN 750 below the glare shield and wirelessly transmits data to my iPhone and iPad.  The new transponder I bought also has bluetooth, but inexplicably Garmin doesn't allow data to be uploaded through it, only sent out.  So while I could get ADS-B data on my iPad with my new GTX345, I couldn't upload flight plans or control my XM audio.  Now I can do both.  Also the FS210 has a backup AHRS and sends that data to my iPad as well.  Pretty cool little device.  The main reason I bought it is that Dina usually sits in the back and now she can DJ the music from her phone.  Cool!