Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ferry mission accomplished

Today Mike and Dave successfully completed the mission to move my plane for the annual.  Awesome.  They braved the 18 deg F weather, met up and flew Mike's E55 down to N71 to fetch the plane and deliver to the A&P mechanic Jay Shearer at Deck.  Mike reports the engines were not preheated, but they pulled the props through a few times and she started right up.  That's good news since she hadn't been flown since Dec 16th.  Dave flew my plane and is a decorated military hero... he was an air force pilot during Vietnam, and was shot down during a mission and had spent a few days in the jungle on the Ho Chi Minh Trail. He also happens to have thousands of hours of Baron time and owns a B55 himself, and he did the job for me for free.  Here is a harrowing account of the shoot down: ... kman&hl=en

Hopefully I can take these guys to dinner when I get out to Deck to pickup the plane after the annual.  It's a great honor to have Dave fly my plane.  Mike reports that the interior looks fantastic.  The pilot and copilot seats are installed as well as the rearmost seats.  The middle two seats are unfinished as well as the headrests.  Advantage will finish those up and deliver them to Deck.  Not a big deal since the seats need to be removed for the annual anyway.  I also bought a Power Tow from Todd when I bought the plane, Mike said it wasn't in the plane so I'll have to ask about that.  They probably just forgot to put it back in after removing it to do the interior. 

I should get some more photos soon.  Mike reports he actually was able to get some formation shots.  Sounds like those guys had a little too much fun.  Can't wait to see those photos!

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