Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Interior refresh

I'm in the middle of an interior "light" job on the Beast. As always happens with these things, the project is dragging on unbelievably long and I'm now in week 6 with no end in sight. The job is basically to replace the carpets and spruce up the interior because according to my wife it's a bit "naff". Some repair and repaint of the front window pillars which had some cracks in the old bondo and paint, get rid of my crayola crayon scheme on the sidewalls, super sound proofing and a general spruce up... and leather wrap the yokes.  

Well, the yokes are done and they look great! but sadly the rest still has a long way to go... but it's hard to complain when you see they're doing a great job. Time, cost or quality... pick one.  

good thing my backup plane, when I need to rough it, and go in a spam can instead of riding in style in the bone.. is a pc12ng.  :lol:

thanks to Tom Rosen for spying on them for me.  :D