Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fun with AD's

In my pre-purchase inspection report Paul noted that there was an overdue AD (Airworthiness Directive) to perform an inspection on the Janitrol heater in the nose cone. Technically this inspection needs to be complied with for the plane to be flown, so today I called Jay at Shearer aviation at Deck airport which is 19NM from N71 where my plane is getting the interior done. Jay is going to head over there tomorrow morning (hopefully) and comply with the "Heater Pressure Decay Test AD". Should be a simple test and will be good to get that one in the books and be legal to fly.

The other AD of note is a somewhat ridiculous circuit breaker AD that has not yet been complied with: http://www.csobeech.com/breaker-switches.html Jay is going to check the serial numbers on the breakers and see how many are affected. The breakers cost $100-150 EACH. Ahh isn't aviation fun? What should be a $15 part costs 10X. Good thing is I don't actually have to comply with this AD until March 31, so long as I have the breakers on order, so I can hopefully do this one later after I get the plane home.

On the interior front I asked Advantage for more photos and Matthew is going to try load them and send them over soon. He does report he has some of the stripped seats, insulation, leather, etc... ah progress, that is a good sign. There is still a chance I can get the plane home in January.

On the transcontinental ferry flight front, I now have two good options. Mark Angelos is a local MEI with gobs of experience willing to do the flight with me, which would be good because he comes highly recommended and my buddy Rick did his commercial with him and had nothing but good things to say. My original option is also still available and Todd Underwood comes recommended via a contact on the AOPA forums Ken Reed. He is half the day rate of Mark, but he lives in Arizona so it might be a bit harder to coordinate, and he is also booked at the end of Jan. At this point Either way it's nice to have options and it turns out Rick may want to ride along in back. The big wildcard now is getting the interior job cinched up and mother nature to cooperate.

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