Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More progress, and the bill!

Today Advantage sent me the invoice with the balance due... ouch!  Actually, the price was very good overall, relative to most things in aviation and particularly interior jobs.  My only gripe is they charged me $1,500 to redo all six lap and shoulder belts.  That seemed a bit steep!  Oh well, welcome to aviation.  More importantly, I also got some more photos from Advantage, the project is looking great!

I wonder how long that will stay clean...

I really like the gray carpet

Still working on the arm rests...

Compared to what I'm used to, the baggage area looks cavernous

Sidewalls look great and I like the way they match with the carpet color

They also fixed the overhead speaker for me ($40)

Headliner with all the plastic painted

Lookin good!  Just some detail work now and the seats remain.  They're shooting for completion by Friday.

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