Sunday, October 7, 2018

paint prep

Got the Tbone back with a new starter overhauled by Aero Accessories Inc in San Antonio.  They knew exactly how to overhaul it and all the ADs and service bulletin's for the old Bendix starter.  Now that it's back on the plane, the right engine fires right up as soon as you hit the starter, whereas before it was spinning for a few seconds before it engaged.  I also replaced the air-stair door hinge.  The old one had been repaired before but they had only replaced about half of it.  Here she is with the new hinge all freshly riveted.

The left main wheel well gear door hinge also has a small broken section so I'm debating replacing that one as well before she goes for paint.  I'm gathering thoughts on the scheme, but leaning towards a modern twist on this classic scheme.

Basically I'm thinking of inverting it and putting the white on the bottom and then the top would be red.  I've never been a huge fan of red planes or red cars, but something about the vintage TwinBonanza seems like red would be a good match.  We'll see...