Thursday, September 22, 2016


Recently I ran into a friend that said he liked reading my blog, why didn't I update it more?  Well because it's pretty well focussed on my trials and tribulations restoring my old piston twin, and all that is mostly water on the bridge.  Now the plane is what I call the Beechcraft G55.  It's reliable, modern and... well, basically fully restored.  He then said that he liked reading the other stuff more in fact.  The adventures in the Pilatus and what not.  So I decided maybe it's time to rename my blog and talk about other aviation topics, since the Baron is pretty much fully restored and there is not much left to do to it at this point.  So the blog has been renamed to CaliPilot!  At least until I move from California some day, haha never! It's all the same for now, just a new name and a mandate to write more broad topics about my adventures in the Baron, Citabria, Pilatus, KingAir C90, various Citation Jets and all the crazy aircraft I instruct in.  So this is now CaliPilot !

Sunday, September 18, 2016


The other day someone recommended non-abrasive Gojo hand cleaner for cleaning turbine exhaust stains off of the KingAir and the Pilatus.  It's only about $8 ordered from Amazon.  I thought about using it to clean up those stubborn combustion heater exhaust stains off my belly that come from the old Janitrol, and yesterday I tried it out.

Some might ask why on earth did I paint my belly white?  Well, for one I like the look of the white bottom, and for another I don't really want to hide things like oil, dirt and grime that might collect on the bottom.  I like to see that stuff so I can clean it and track where it came from.  I just needed an easy way to clean it off.  I generally use MeGuiars quick detail mist to dry wash the plane, but man that soot above is stubborn stuff.

Let's try the Gojo!  I took a dry wash towel and put on a light coat.

I was totally amazed, it just wiped it right off.

Clean as a whistle!  It's supposed to be aluminum safe but afterwards I wiped it down again with a wet towel and cleaned off any residue just to be safe.

Oh yeah...  I also removed my unfeathering accumulators.  The plane is not a trainer so I never really use them.  When I practice shutdowns I can easily restart by hitting the starter.  Also, these suckers together weigh 16 pounds.  I figured I'd just save the weight.