Sunday, March 19, 2017

Mega hangar operational

The hangar is now cleaned up and I'm fully moved in.  All the disgusting crap that was left in there...

is gone, those nasty carpets were the worst.  Underneath was an oil soaked and extremely poor quality asphalt job.  I decided I needed some professional help to fix this and I'm sure glad I did.  It turned out to be an F-ton of work.

First, a trip to dump to get rid of all the old crap, and a power wash.  Wow, looks better already.  Some fill repair on the worst areas of the asphalt leveled the surface and removed the pot holes.  I decided to go with a brand new floor but rather than digging out all the asphalt and replacing with a concrete slab, I went with a less expensive hybrid solution.  The new floor is made from a fiberglass mesh that is laid on top of the asphalt.  The mesh holds a synthetic refinishing product that is basically like a thin layer of concrete.  It's rated to hold 10 tons per sq ft so it should last.

Here is the thinnest concrete layer laid onto the fiberglass mesh.  You can see it's only maybe 1/4 inch thick so no big lip to push the plane up over.

And the final product.  I got to pick the color and I was really unsure.  I wanted something light to brighten the place up, but I didn't want something too white which would show the dirt too easily.  In the end I chose "Mountain" which came out a little more brown than I thought but it looks pretty nice.

A full day of moving crap from my other hangar and finally I'm moved in and I have a suitable home for my new airplane.  Speaking of...  still not ready.  Grrr.  I'm beyond making predictions at this point and resigned myself at this point to call the shop every single day asking for updates.  It's gotten beyond ridiculous.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

A home for the tbone

The TBone is still back in Griffin Georgia.  I was supposed to head back there yesterday to pick her up but as happens in aviation, things are taking longer than expected.  I'm getting shoulder harnesses installed as well as a new headliner, and well...  two weeks estimated has turned into four.  I'm hopeful it will be done sometime this week and then I can plan to fetch her.  In the mean time, I've got some work to do on the new hangar.  Unfortunately the prior owner didn't clean the hangar, and I guess "as is sale" means "including all my old crappy junk that you'll have to get rid of yourself".  Grrr.

Those carpets are just disgusting.  They are probably 20 years old and dusty and covered in grease stains.  This photo is after I filled up an entire dumpster.  The rest is going to the dump.  The plan is to power wash the floor, put down some nice tile on the sides and clean the center runway for the plane and either do an epoxy coating or else perhaps go big and do a slab on concrete.  I'd like to lighten the place up and make it look nice, but as you can see there's a ways to go...

Friday, March 3, 2017

PC12 design flaw

Here I am cleaning two weeks of turbine soot off the sides of the fuselage and tops of the wings at the root. Clearly they made a design flaw when they put the the engine in the nose with the exhaust stacks sticking out the sides. The entire plane gets quickly coated in carbon soot! They never think of the poor shmucks who gotta clean the damn thing.

Honda on the other hand got it right ! No soot anywhere near the fuse, tail out of the exhaust stream.