Sunday, January 31, 2010

Knocking the rust off

I realized that I've been so caught up in getting my plane all sorted, work and family I hadn't flown since Dec 6th.  That's just way too long so today Rick and I went out and shot some approaches to knock the rust off.  Despite buying the Baron I'm still in the NRI flying club, which is a good local club in the bay area with 4 well maintained planes, a 172, an Archer, a 182 and a 182 RG.  When I got out to the airport at 9am Rick was preflighting the Archer, but the tower was reporting 100 ft ceiling and 1/4 mile vis in fog.  Well, we're part 91, screw it, let's go!  Actually by the time we lifted off the ceiling had lifted to about 400 ft and was only about 600 ft thick.  I shot the ILS into SAC, the VOR into SAC, the VOR/DME into Rio Vista, the VOR into Nut Tree followed by a hold, the LDA into CCR followed by the VOR back into CCR.  Not a bad haul in only 2.3 hrs.  I recently bought a cheap HD video camera with a plan to start taking some nice shots and videos in the air, but I geeked it an left it at home, so all I got was this shot with my iphone:

When I got home I got a note from Mike with a link to his Picassa gallery and photos from the repositioning flight!

Great shots!  Mike actually didn't take any new photos of the interior though, Advantage is supposed to be sending them my way but nothing yet, I'll probably get some on Monday.

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