Thursday, January 21, 2010

Interior Progress

Today I got some more photos from Advantage.  Looks like the project is progressing, although I must confess.. I don't know enough about this type of work to know if they're doing a great job or not... it's looking good to me though!

The bagage area.  I like the carpet color... should wear well.

Sidewalls look nice too.  I'm happy with the color and the way it matches the gray carpet.

Here's the headliner which is done in white "ultraleather".

I think these are baggage straps?  All the seat belts are being rewebbed so maybe this is showing that as well.


Doesn't look like good VFR out that window.  Hopefully the weather will be nice in Feb for the flight back, I don't want to have to blast off IFR in a brand new plane.

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