Sunday, January 13, 2013

squawk free... not so fast!

I just thinking how great it is now that I've got my plane totally dialed in with new engines, fixed everything imaginable, new avionics stack and nice interior... I'd actually gone nearly 50 hours with no squawks.  Then I blast off and fly out of a little rain system and the tach fills up with mist.  hmmm, no biggy but annoying!

Oh well, I keep trucking on and then the left fuel gauge does this...

Hmmm... I just filled it up.  I look out the window and everything is secure, and the engine is running just fine... fuel sender must have gone bad.  Grrr... oh well.  Fly on a bit longer and...

Bad photo but yes that's the alternator warning light, the left alternator gone.  Jeez... that's not good.  Luckily I have two alternators so not the bigger deal it would be in a single, but still annoying and even more so since this alternator has less than 200 hours on it and is a replacement for the one that failed with less than 100 hours on it.  How can these alternators cost so much and suck so badly?  I don't like flying instruments with stuff this this inop, luckily I was on top of the cloud layer, just barely.

It started to break up over the LA area, so I canceled IFR and circled down through a hole and landed uneventfully.  Got a list of squawks to attend to now and an oil change due.  I also bought a Davtron clock for the yoke and am looking to get it leather wrapped.  When done it will look like this: