Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Can't handle

Here is a my new $700 door handle from Avstat Aviation down in Van Nuys...

Ridiculous, clearly... but the pin sheared off in my old handle 3 times in the last year or so.  I finally learned how to drive a new pin, but something was clearly wrong with the handle and it seemed like a safety issue that I could be stuck inside.  The last time it sheared off as I was getting ready to head to LA to pickup grandma. It came off causing me a few hours delay, which caused me to be late to the pickup, which caused me to be late getting back, which caused my wife to delay picking up my youngest son from summer camp, which caused him to try out the obstacle course, which caused him to break his arm.  Clearly I can't stand for this, and decided to break the accident chain with a new door handle.  The cool thing is, it has a green "Closed" indicator and a "Red" open indicator.  It is solid and my door seal is now perfect.  There must have been something missing or worn in the old handle.