Sunday, October 20, 2013

IPC in the books

This weekend I completed my insurance mandated anual IPC.  Typically I do it with BPPP or BPT training program but this year BPT at Concord conflicted with a trip I had down to Palm Springs.  We had a great flight down to Palm Speings and for the first time in my jaunts there, no turbulence through Banning pass.  We also stopped to pickup grandma on the way, nice to have a plane that can easily fit five!

Anyway from now on October is the month to go to Palm Springs.  I landed at Bermuda Dunes this time which is closer to where I normally stay at Rancho Las Palmas.  Bermuda Dunes was a convenient spot with easy rental car access so I think it will be my new preferred spot vs Thermal from now on.

So the Palm Springs trip caused me to miss this years BPT but one of there instructors was in town for it so I contacted Jim Gruneisen for an IPC.  I managed to squeak one out but it was tough!  It's one thing to fart down the ILS with the GPS and the autopilot working but quite another with an engine out and the AHRS and ADC inop!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Annual good news

The annual is completed and no news is good news.  They also completed the 500 hour spar web inspection and no cracks were found, which is great.  The spar doubler kit costs something like 5k or more to install and that would be a nightmare.  The reason it took an extra week was the fuel injector lines were showing some signs of chaffing so they ordered some new lightweight clamps to better secure them.  Should be able to pickup the plane tonight or tomorrow just in time for a trip to Palm Springs and I'm all legal for another year.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Annual time

This week I took my plane in for annual and got the inspection report back this morning.  I wasn't expecting anything major since at this point my plane is like new, however there is always something.  It came back just rosy, although they have yet to complete the spar web inspection so I'm fingers crossed on that one.  Here is the report:

Compressions X/80

Left: 68 64 62 70 72 70
Right: 62 72 64 64 72 70

Mag Timing: Seems to have slipped a bit, adjust back down to 20deg

Change oil/filter
Service spark plugs
Small injector line bracket needs to be replaced

Some chaffing, install a few clamps on fuel lines

Fuel injector nozzles - clean fuel nozzles
Check and clean fuel metering valve screens

Left cowl flap actuator chaffing breathing tube need to secure it

Left main landing gear strut - service struts

That's basically it.  There is also a small hole in one of the airboxes.  The 35 year old aluminum just doesn't hold up forever however mine are still in decent shape.  Cygnet makes a replacement unit but I'm not sure about pricing, they do look gorgeous though!

For now I think I'll keep what I've got.