Thursday, May 29, 2014

Volair Sim

I got home knackered from a business trip to Dallas and there was a big box in my driveway. A really big box. My Volair sim chassis finally arrived. I was too tired to set it up completely but I couldn't resist unboxing it and took inventory in my new simpit, a purpose built backyard studio shed.

Here is everything laid out.. the sucker is HEAVY. The shipping box weighed in at 125lbs. My first impression is that it's a high quality build made from heavy gauge steel tubing. The seat is solid and well padded. This is going to be a sick ass gaming & flight sim rig...

Monday, May 26, 2014

Shelter Cove

Took a little flight with the kiddos up to Shelter Cove, one of the most beautiful airports on the planet.   I need to invest in a Garmin VIRB action camera, going to order one soon!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Huntington Beach

We had a great weekend in Socal.  My boys are fearless when in comes to roller coasters so we knocked back the best that Knotts Berry Farm could throw at us, and had some fun beach and pool time with the family for good measure. How is it possible to do a full work/school day on a Friday  and then take an awesome mini vacation for the weekend on your own terms and schedule, and be back for Sunday dinner?  General Aviation, that's how!  We went to KFUL (Fullerton Airport) which is the spot to hit for Disney too... we parked with AFI and again, had ZERO fees and easy squeezy rental car service, these kind of FBO's are fading from existence so support them if you can!


Thursday, May 15, 2014

Too much fun

I'm having way too much fun with the champ.  I'm pretty comfortable with handling three point and wheel landings and have good control of the little beast now, so it's time to push the envelope a bit.  I'd love to take her up to Idaho and hit some back country spots, but for now I'm happy exploring local California grass strips.  Last week I hit a little spot near KSAC called Borges Clarksburg, this week Buena Vista near Comanche resovoir.  It feels like uncovering a hidden world finding these spots, as most are private with cantankerous old owners and you really need to go in with someone who has "permission" although thus far no one has ever come out and asked if we have permission.  Here is a video of a landing at a little 1000 ft strip, the Champ with STOL kit does great I landed with 500 ft to spare.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Time Machine

Had an awesome weekend in the G55. Friday hopped in the plane with some buddies, was in Sedona 3 hours later for an airport lunch with friends.  My bud Russ hooked me up with a hangar next to his and even got me a fuel discount, thx again Russ!  Hiked the airport rim trail, had an epic dinner, woke up early the next morning for a 4 hour amazing (and challenging) mt bike ride, spa & shower at the Hilton, hop in the plane again and overflew the Grand Canyon enroute Vegas, night in Vegas, fat steak dinner and watch my Warriors lose game 7 but beat the spread and pay for my stay, wake up early and skirt Death Valley and up the eastern Sierra to MMH and then down over Yosemite and back home in time for lunch with the wife and kids. It not only looks awesome, it's a time machine too! Not sure where Don hid the flux capacitor.