Thursday, December 21, 2017

first TBone annual

Today I dropped off the TBone for it's first annual under my watch.  The first annual is always a little nerve wracking... I'm a stickler for aircraft condition so I want everything made right.  Here is my squawk list:

Twin Bonanza - Annual Squawks
  • Gear light didn’t come on one time (near max extension speed) - check gear actuator springs
  • Oil on top/bottom of left nacelle, misc oil leaks on left engine
  • Minor pushrod leaks on right engine
  • Leaking fuel sump in wheel well (both sides), replace o-rings
  • Seeping fuel drain in right wing - replace quick drain
  • Looks like fuel flow is too high on left side with the boost pump on
  • CHT gauge inop left engine Cylinder #6
  • Check #4, #5 EGT probes right side (seemed flakey on one flight, rising up and down rapidly)
  • Check prop alcohol system 
  • Check swamp cooler - AC 
  • Door hinge pin - seems like it’s out too far
  • Oil Change
  • Lube entire airframe
  • Clean/grease landing gear motor?
  • Wing bolt AD  
I ordered the wing bolts and they were not cheap!  

(qty 2). MS20014-29 wing bolts
(qty 4). 50-105011 washers
(qty 2). EB-144 nuts 

All in nearly $900 for those bolts and washers... wtf!  

Here she is in the maintenance hangar.  I hitched a ride home from my buddy Aaron in his perfect D50E.  Good fun.