Sunday, June 28, 2020

Covid escape

After being virtually locked up for nearly 4 months it was time for a break, luckily the Tbone is a great family escape machine.  This sounds crazy but it's hard for me to imagine taking family trips in a plane much smaller than my Tbone.  I still don't have the air-conditioner back though...  going to Arizona with no AC!  grrr...  

But wee really wanted to find some place that was 100% open and Arizona fit the bill... Montana looked good but the restaurants were take out only...  MOAB is open but it was scorching hot.  Arizona is hot too, but at 5k ft it's actually perfect.  Mid 90's in the mid-afternoon, but that's perfect since you're hiking to the places like Slide Rock and the water there is cold.  It took about 3:45 but was thankfully mostly smooth, except for the descent into Sedona which was typical teeth breaking severe turbulence.  Oh well.  Great trip though, awesome hiking, great restaurants, spa and always beautiful there...   and a smooth flight home.  

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Return from annual

The plane out of annual finally.  I had them install an ArcticAir real air conditioner.  They did a fabulous job with the install with nice safety straps and hooks to secure it.  Unfortunately, I'm now the owner of a super heavy and expensive fan...  it blows but doesn't cool.  Arggh, a few days on the phone with customer support and no fix so far.  I'm really hoping I don't have to send it back...

The other nice thing about this unit is it's easily removable in about 10 minutes, so there will be no need to lug it around in the winter.  I just gotta get it working, it's 100 deg+ already.  

On the bright side I 3D printed this awesome little Beechcraft keyboard holder for the Avidyne bluetooth keyboard.