Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tailwheel refresher

I decided to commemorate 9/11 today by going out and doing a little fun flying. I hadn't flown a taildragger in 10 years. I rented this 7ECA from Attitude Aviation at Livermore.  They also have a basic acro course I think I will do.  These things are a ton of fun and the seat of the pants feeling is really so different from the Baron.  It's not about instruments or speed in these things, it's just about being low and slow and you can make it do some crazy things like hold full rudder deflection and opposite aileron and basically do a big aerial skid out.  Here is a short video of my flight, I'm glad the camera SD card ran out of space so no one could see how ugly my landings were. What a hoot, I really need to get one of these suckers.