Friday, April 29, 2011

Ways to go

Jumped out of BPPP today at lunch and hopped in the club 172 to wrestle the 25kt cross wind and flew to LVK to see the plane. Man those engines are beautiful in person! We've got a ways to go though... the mounts are off and shipped out for overhaul/bead blasting and paint. The baffles are off and getting repaired, painted and redone with new seals, they still have staples. The firewall is getting cleaned up with a scotchbrite and will be painted. The elevator is almost done and should be ready for me to pickup by Monday.

looks like TCM is going to send the new brackets and induction tubes and pay for the labor under warranty repair and guide my shop through the process if they have questions... even though this is not at all their fault.   Right now I'm glad I went with factory engines!

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