Sunday, April 17, 2011

Prop doc

I went to LVK today to drop of the EDM 760.  My IA Chris told me that Stockton Propeller had called him with good news and bad news...  good news first?  Good news is the props are in great shape, the bad news is the prop governors are shot!  He's checking around for better parts pricing but they are Woodward governors and there are not a lot of options....

I also went ahead and ordered two new Knisley exhausts. Engines should be here Monday, then the engine mounts come off and ship out for overhaul.  Two new pressure pumps are ordered. I grabbed all the GAMI's nozzles and will be sending those back for an updated STC for the engine serial numbers as well as clean and flow check...

I also received the new wing strobe fences. They look good, though they come unpainted.

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