Friday, April 15, 2011

EDM 760 Arrives

Today I received my EDM 760 engine monitor.  I was surprised that the package weighs nearly 15 pounds, but the unit itself is super light... it probably weighs half a pound.  All the weight is in the various probes and cables.  I got the fuel flow option so there are two fuel flow transducers in there, two sets of 6 exhaust gas temperature probes for each engine, two sets of 6 cylinder head temperature probes, a couple STC's for my airframe logbooks and a user manual and some CD's. I'm pissed off though because I ordered the unit on the 3rd and specifically requested the invoice state the order date of the 3rd and of course, the order date on the invoice is the 4th.  The JPI rebate needs to say the 3rd so they screwed me!  I requested Sarasota avionics revise their invoice, but who knows.  Hey, at this point I can use all the rebates I can get!  Here is a shot of the package.

On a sadder note, for whatever reason my engines are still sitting on the loading dock in Tracy.  They were supposed to be delivered today but were not.  Hopefully they will be dropped off on Monday.  The MaintenanceExpress guys are pretty slammed right now doing the ABS service clinic, so I doubt they would have time to get to it anyway.

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