Monday, April 4, 2011

JPI 760 Ordered

I'm now committed to the JPI 760.  I ordered it last night from Sarasota avionics, hopefully in time to get the $500 SunNFun rebate.  I feel good about the choice, it saved me a bunch of dough over a glass panel engine monitoring option and truth be told, I actually like "old school" gauges.  Yeah yeah yeah, this from the guy with the G600... I do love the electronic flight instruments for the PFD/MFD and I do feel it makes IFR flying much safer.  However engines just seem like the kind of beasts best represented by analogue gauges, and I love the look of all the old "steam gauge" dials and needles in the panel.  Tossing all those gauges and dials out when they work great and look so cool would be a shame.  The 760 is a bit old school with it's gas plasma little light bars, but that's fine with me... it has all the info I need from an engine monitor.  

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