Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Doh, setback!!


The engines came with the Butterfly Assy. mounted at a 45 degree angle, instead of a Vertical to correct this problem, the brackets need to be replaced with the correct bracket, both Left right induction tubes need to be replaced with a shorter 90 degree induction tubes, 3 studs will need to be replaced with bolts, We think everything else will be ok from there.

The above note is from my mechanic.  Doh!  The induction tubes and brackets are wrong??  I fired an email off to TCM and holy crikey, I'm so impressed with them. They called me back late in the day. They said IO520-E7M is always shipped this way from the factory, and that Colemill originally modified the engine to fit into the Baron's nacelles in the way described above. They said they had no way of knowing what modification Colemill had made to the induction brackets and tubes. As my stomach started turning they then offered to FLY A FREAKIN SENIOR MECHANIC from Mobile Alabama to Livermore CA to do the work at no charge. I asked if that was really necessary or if my shop could do it, and they said it's an option and they would be willing to reimburse the shop for the labor to do it, but that if I was more comfortable having the factory do it they'd send someone out with all the parts and expertise. Wow. Of course this pushes back my schedule, but that's real serious customer service right there!  Way to go TCM.

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  1. Wow, it's always nice to find a company that treats it's customers that well. I've noticed already that the aviation community is pretty good about things like this.