Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Out with the old

Today I went to the shop to fetch the left elevator and check on progress.  Here is a shot of the plane with the left elevator removed.  I put it in my car and my friend Dennis is going to see if he can help get it into his C180 to ferry it up to KCIC so Frank at AeroSurfaces can reskin/balance and paint it.

The props are off and over at Stockton Propellor for overhaul.  The A&P mechanic that was working on this engine told me he found a bunch of gunk and metal in the left Prop governor oil screen.  Yikes.  I'm so glad I bit the bullet on doing this project, metal in the prop governor would not be good. 

Some shots of the old engines

Here the nose with the nosecone removed.  This is my 12inch radome looking like new. 

This is all the remote equipment for the avionics such as the AHRS.  All looks good.

I was pleased to see a very professional looking wiring job for all the Garmin stuff.

Will be interesting to see a before and after comparison.  That looks like an OLD engine.


Engines are supposed to ship tomorrow!  Still waiting for the JPI to arrive at my house.  Moving along...


  1. How often do you need to replace the engines on this plane?

  2. The engines are typically replaced every 2,000 flight hours or so. Mine were last done in 1989.