Monday, February 15, 2010

Watchin the weather

I'll be watching the weather closely this week to see if there is any chance I can pop out to the east coast and start the ferry flight back this weekend.  Right now the east coast is a mess, but ironically the rest of the country looks good.  I'm planning on taking the southern route.  You can see the high pressure area is pushing down along the eastern seaboard and creating a line of storms and weather.  A low pressure area is smacking into the high up around PA and IN which is makes for some nasty snow & sleet for the start, which is not an option.  The isobars look a bit tight around AZ and NM which means turbulence, which is to be expected in that area. 

On the maintenance front Jay should be finishing up the annual early this week.  I need to call him to discuss the circuit breaker AD.  If I can get the plane this weekend I might as well have him do that one as well.

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