Friday, February 19, 2010

New Jugs

After discussing the cylinder issue with Jay, I ended up having him order new cylinders instead of buying overhauled ones.  That may have been a bad decision considering when I eventually overhaul that engine, if I want it to count as a "major" I will need to buy new cylinders then too, but the cost difference on the overhauled Conti vs. new ECI Nickel cylinders wasn't that great, so I told him to go for it.  Jerry had told me the Nickel ECI's are great, and I figured I'd just put those on and basically count it as half of a top overhaul.  Paul McCracken ended up letting me know he could have gotten me some good overhauled Conti's for $550, so in retrospect that would have been the best option... unfortunately I had already told Jay to just order the ECI's.  Lesson learned, just like in the cockpit... No Fast Hands!  Take your time and the correct solution will present itself... this is all a learning experience for me though.

On the weather side I'm still in California because the weather is not going to be good for the flight this weekend, which is fine because I want to me make sure the plane is finished properly, all loose ends tied up on the paper work etc.  After 2+ months I'm not going to rush it at the end.  Also I now need to factor in breaking in the new cylinders properly so will also limit my weather options somewhat.  I believe the correct breakin procedure is to fly 25 square at about 5,000 ft for 4-5 hours.  I will need clear weather to do that.

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