Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Annual Update

Good news and bad news.  Good news first?  Jay checked the serial numbers on all the breakers and found the not a single one applies to the Circuit Breaker Airworthiness Directive.  How that came to be I have no idea, but since that AD is well known to be total BS I'm not going to question it... the AD is signed off as complied with and that's good enough for me!

The bad news is related to this item on the squawk list:

* Exhaust leak at #2 gasket, one nut is not up all the way.

I asked Jay why he doesn't simply screw the nut in all the way... the answer was that is not that simple.  When he tried to screw the nut up it still didn't make a good seal, and the nut was old and corroded and the nut head popped right off.  Jay had to drill out the screw, and even with a new nut it won't seal, so he had to drop the exhaust and replace the gaskets.  When he did that he found that the exhuast ports on 3 of the cylinders are cracked.  So now I get to be the proud owner of 3 new cylinders!  Lovely.  Jay found 3 yellow tagged overhauled cylinders available for $880 each.  It will take him 3 days to have them shipped so if I go that route I won't be able to get the plane this weekend like I was hoping for.  I asked him to get me pricing/ship times on new cylinders and we'll go from there.

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