Friday, February 12, 2010

Squawk List

Today Jay sent me the squawk list.  It's loooong, but mostly a lot of minor items. 

Discrepancies, N17788:

Left Engine. Felt pads on oil screen need replaced.
Retime right mag.
Missing screw #2 rocker cover.
Lower outboard rear, inside of left cowl chaffing.
Prop anti-ice line chaffed by central filter.
Secured items throughout engine compartment.
Baffle below starter broken.
Bushing is worn out on induction mounting bracket to rear of engine.
Screw missing from baffle above #2 cylinder.
Upper firewall stiffener needs to be dressed aft of airbox.
Oil temperature cannon plug not safetied.
#3 pushrod housing is very rusty.
#1 exhaust pushrod housing is very rusty.
#4 pushrod seal, leaking.
Dress nicks from leading edge of propeller blades.
Fuel spider needs drain hose.

Right Engine: Replace the oil screen felt pads.
#6 lower spark plug insulator cracked.
Lower cowling chaffed inside rear area.
Straw between #2 and #4 cylinders.
Left mag points need replaced.
Secure items throughout engine compartment.
Air filter box broken lower area where filter rests and below filter area as well.
Straw around engine driven fuel pump.
Airbox chaffing engine thru bolt aft of left mag.
Alternator belt very dry and cracked.
Spider should have a fuel drain line attached to it.
Inter cylinder baffle between #3 and #5 not installed correctly.
Straw between #1 and #3 cylinder.
Rust and corrosion on fuel servo.
Safety oil temperature cannon plug.
#1 exhaust manifold leaking.
#1 pushrod seals leaking.
#3 intake pushrod seal leaking.
#1 intake hose cooked.
#6 aft intake hose has a broken clamp.
#2, 4, and 6 fuel pushrod seals are leaking.
Straw behind #2 cylinder.
Exhaust leak at #2 gasket, one nut is not up all the way.
#2 intake aft hose is cooked.
Dressed propeller blades.

Airframe: Several interior lights inop.
Upper wing attach bolt and bathtub fittings very dry, need lubrication.
Replace both inline vacuum filters.
Replace both fuel cap “o“ rings.
Corrosion on left aileron trim tab.
Vertical fin forward panel, cracked right side.
Several riv nuts are bad at vertical fin panel.
Both brake wheel cylinders are leaking..
Lower left elevator trim pulley not turning.
Top of left elevator corroded.
Trim tab actuator bolts are too tight.
Large scuff mark above window on baggage door.
CW yearly ELT inspection. Batteries due March 2015.
Forward stop for left center seat is backwards.
Screw missing left center seat outboard forward track.
Dinger in right aileron trailing edge inboard.
Flush battery box.
Service brake fluid.
Service alcohol.
Air duct under copilot’s seat not hooked up.
Compass has no fluid.
Both copilot’s toe brake cylinders leaking.
Left pilot’s toe brake cylinder leaking.
Need a log entry for interior job.
Secure wire to left and right fuel vent heaters in wings.
Lube flap switch rollers, left flap.
Snap boot in left wheel well torn.
Fasteners left rear spar in wheel well rusty.
Replace both left and right uplock springs.
Heater fuel pump and fittings are very rusty.
Nose gear centering roller doesn’t turn.
Rusty fasteners in right wheel well forward side.
Right fuel sump is leaking.
Hole chaffed in right inboard gear door.
Right flap up bumper torn.
Debris in right wing panel just outboard of gear and panel outboard of that as well.
Corrosion on right wheel.
Aileron pulley inboard of right aileron doesn’t turn.

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  1. Did you opt to address safety of flight issues with Jay? I imagine that there were plenty of things that you deferred until the West Coast.