Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hangar leased

Today I picked up the keys to the hangar!  It's a nice big spacious powered T-Hangar.  The only thing wrong I could see was the middle overhead lights didn't seem to work, probably burnt out bulbs but I'm not sure how I'm going to get up there to replace them.  Also the floor is a bit dirty with a few oil spots, I'll check in and see if I can paint it light gray or something.  The cool thing was that the lady I'm leasing it from owned it with her husband to store their Navion.  The husband passed away leaving a bunch of aviation junk behind, and since she has no use for it she left it all there for me to pick and choose from.  The loot includes a case of aviation oil, a box of Champion REM40E spark plugs, a can of airplane wax, a compressor, a cordless drill, a few ancient WW2 era radios, a vacuum cleaner, ladder, fan and a couple of racks full of odds and ends.  Overall it's a bit dirty and needs a good sweep and cleanup.  I'd also like to put an old desk in the corner and store all my aviation books, charts, flight manuals, etc.

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