Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Some shots - The good

Overall the paint is in great shape, it was painted in 1996.  It's not a perfect paint job, but it shows well on the ramp and the plane has been kept in a heated corporate hangar so it's held up well over the last 13 years.

The panel is insane... Garmin G600 with synthetic vision technology, Garmin 430W, Garmin 330 transponder with TIS traffic displayed on G600, Garmin 340 audio panel with 2 music inputs and GDL-69A with XM radio and weather displayed on the G600. Primus 100 color radar, Century IV autopilot with GPSS roll steering, alt hold, and CWS.

 Nice glossy paint


De-Ice Boots are in great shape with no patches.  Has the speed slope windshield mod, alcohol props and windsheild for ice protection, and the large backage door.  Glass is in good shape overall with light cloudiness on the door window (I'm not sure how/why that one got cloudy)

Hidden under all those Garmin goodies, it's still got some old and obsolete 70's tech, including Colins #2 radio and a backup King transponder.  I'll replace those eventually, no clue why I'd need two transponders... the thing on the bottom is an old Hoskins fuel flow gauge.  Useful even though it's obsolete... but I should replace it with an engine monitor at some point.  Though the plane has Gammi injectors that should let me run lean of peak for greater efficiency, it lacks an engine monitor... weird.

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