Friday, December 11, 2009

The interior

I decided to go ahead and redo the interior. The plane is in Indiana and I don't have time to go fetch it due to the holidays and work constraints, so while it's sitting there waiting for me I might as well get the interior done. The current one is clean and serviceable, but butt ugly 70's retro. Pushing the decision over the edge for me was the fact that Advantage Interiors at N71 is having a sale through the end of the year... 8k for a complete interior job in leather. That's an unreal price that's not much more than the cost of materials. Since the shop is on the east coast it's yet another reason to have it done before I fly it back to California... Here is the chosen seat design:

It's clean and simple.  I'm thinking a darker gray for the carpet, white for the headliner. They've got a ton of choices though:

And here is the color I'm thinking for the carpet.  I think it will work...

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