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The prebuy report

Here is the full pre-buy report from Paul McCracken... he flew from DFW to Indiana to inspect the plane, left at 4 am, spent the whole day pouring over the airplane, that night pouring over the logs, and the next day answering a million questions via phone and email...  Paul did a heck of a job and I highly recommend him to anyone considering buying a Beechcraft.

Aircraft History:

1977- 1982: NJ and PA
1982- 2004: PA
2004- Present: IN

Aircraft Times:

Aircraft Total Time (Hobbs): 2771.9

Engines: LE & RE- 1311.7 SFREMAN IO-520 E (Colemill Spec) (1989)
Serial numbers: 215734-R, 215733-R

Props: L & R – 1311.7 SNEW (1989) Hartzell EHC-G3YF-2UF 3-blade

IFR cert. Due : 05/11
Useful Load: 1620 lbs
Fuel Capacity: 136 gal

Engine Runup:

• Engines start easily, run smoothly. Slight MP split at power. Mag checks OK. Left load meters reads 20% high. Prop Sync: hard to tell if it is working. Tested at 2200 RPM. All factory gauges appear to work, except as mentioned above. Instrument air shows over 6 psi-needs correction.

Physical Inspection: (Impressions, findings)

• Paint is glossy, although some evidence of trapped “dust” under paint in a few areas. LH elevator shows filiform corrosion under paint.
• No hail damage noted.
• Cracked plastic tail vertical fin fillet piece.
• Co-pilot window is getting cloudy from age.
• Windshield in good condition.
• Other glass appears in good condition.
• Interior original, but clean. Missing some woodgrain trim inserts.
• No obvious hangar rash or airframe damage or dents.
• Rubber flap bumper on RH flap needs replaced.
• Pilot door seal appears recent.
• Exterior cabin door handle spring not working.
• Heater blows hot.
• Engine controls are all free and smooth.
• Electrical check, incl pitot heat: OK.
• Tail light lens cracked.
• Flaps operate normally. Indicator works.
• Flight controls free and smooth.
• Control surface attach points and hinges show no play.
• Glareshield in fair condition.
• Ancient Hoskins Fuel Flow computer system.
• Dual yoke
• Dual brakes
• G600 EFIS
• Electric trim operates normally.
• Autopilot ground checks-OK.
• Brake cylinders (pedals) appear dry, no obvious leaks.
• Spar carry-thru: clean, no visible cracks or doubler kit installed.
• Gear swing is normal, with normal hand-crank clearances. Gear doors fit flush.
• Nose gear retract linkage tight, no slop noted.
• Nose gear steering linkage in good condition, little play.
• Wing attach castings (bathtub fittings) are all clean, no corrosion.
• No signs of gearup landing repairs in nose or belly.
• Internal metal all primered with zinc-chromate. (corrosion-proofed)
• LED tail beacon noted.
• Blade-type nav antennas on tail (good).
• Engine cowls—exterior: very good condition. Some scratches on inboard RHE side cowl noted.
• Alcohol props. Not tested. Spinners in good condition. No large gouges or nicks in either prop.
• De-ice boots appear in good condition. Not tested.
• No engine monitor noted, although GAMIjectors are installed.
• Engine flexible baffles are poor.
• Engine compartments show no major oil leaks or issues.
• Exhaust systems and brackets check OK.

Physical Inspection (cont.)

• FWF hoses (L & R) appear recent. (good)
• Shoulder harnesses at all seats.
• Strobe fences at wingtips have ugly silicone type adhesive repair.
• Tail/empennage internally checked: clean, no issues.
• Standby altimeter and Glideslope under G600 display.
• Standby ASI and AH to the left of G600.
• Backups: Collins Nav/com and KT-76A transponder.
• Mode S transponder w/traffic coupled. (GTX 330)
• GDL-69A datalink: includes Sirius Satellite Radio.
• GMA 340 Audio panel w/music inputs.
• Bendix-S-20 Series mags are good mags.
• GPSS and WAAS enabled.
• Wing bays (internal) very clean- zinc-chromated.

Logbook Research: AD’s, component history, maintenance history

AD’s of note:
2008-13-17: Circuit breaker replacement. Due by 08/2010.
2007-26-09: Hartzell propellers. Will be complied with at OH.
91-17-01: Trim tab actuators. Permanently complied with.
90-08-04: Spar carry-thru. Due in roughly 200 hrs.
89-05-02: Elevator horns. Aluminum. No further action.
Heater Pressure Decay Test AD: Due now (overdue).

All logbooks are present. Comprehensive maintenance entries interspersed with minimal
inspections with little documented. Overall, average.

Mags: Have not been overhauled since new in 1989. LHE: both mags had the points replaced around 200 hrs ago. Left mag was replaced with a used serviceable mag recently.
RHE: original mags, no internal work documented.

Instrument Air pumps: RHE- 590 hrs TIS (1998) LHE- 550 hrs TIS (1999) 500-hr recommended replacement interval.

Alternators: one was replaced at 2322.2 Hobbs time. Other has 1310 hrs and 20 years since new.
Recommended inspection interval (coupling and bearings) 500-hrs.


1982: De-ice kit installed by BF Goodrich (STC)
1982: Prop sync kit installed (STC)
1985: Installed Hoskins fuel flow computer (STC)
1989: Colemill conversion (IO-520’s and 3-blade props)
1991: All cylinders were replaced under warranty at 110.5 SFREMAN. All cylinders now have approx 1200 hours SNEW.
1995: New windshield installed.
1997: Complete strip and paint. Myrtle Beach, SC.
1998: Oil cooler replaced on RHE.
2000: Radar repaired.
2000: Alternator replaced at 2322.2 Hobbs.

Logbook Research: (cont.)

2000: Flap motor and flap gearbox OH @ 2354.7 Hobbs.
2000: All engine control cables replaced.
2002: Autopilot major repair.
2003: Landing gear motor replaced at 2681.3 Hobbs.
2003: RH inboard fuel cell replaced.
2003: LHE prop blade seal replaced for leak. Not an IRAN.
2007: Inner and outer LH fuel cells replaced.
2009: All new hoses from firewall forward (FWF) LHE & RHE
2009: New cabin door seal.
2009: Starter adapter replaced. RHE. 2719.0 Hobbs.
2009: G600 and other major avionics upgrades.

Squawks, Discrepancies, Recommendations:

1. Props need overhaul soon. 20 years and 1310 hours is excessive. Airplane will be smoother after they are OH’d, guaranteed.
2. Old alternator is well past its recommended OH interval.
3. Left load meter reads 20% high. Repairs needed.
4. LH elevator needs to be stripped, etched, and repainted (and balanced) before corrosion eats through magnesium, mandating a reskin. May be too late. See: Frank Baker 530-893-5416, email address is Chico, CA
5. Instrument air regulator(s) need adjustment. Too high. Simple fix.
6. Check prop sync operation.
7. Magnetos need at least a 500-hr inspection, if not a complete OH. (1310 hours SNEW)
8. Monitor the low cylinders on the LHE for exhaust valve wear.
9. Both instrument pumps are overdue for their recommended replacement interval. (500-hr)
10. Heater PDT test is overdue. AD must be complied with.
11. Engine baffles should be completely re-worked with new rubber at next annual. Kits are available. DIY?
12. Strongly encourage you to get a modern engine monitor to utilize the GAMIjectors and operate your engines the right way.
13. Cloudy cabin door window can be replaced with a window that has a vent window in it by the mobile window guy, DBM Mods, Jim Klug, A master craftsman.
14. Get rid of the dual yoke after you get your check out. Your copilot/passenger will love the room the single affords. And flopping it over in flight is simple. You can make around $2k on it. Dual yokes on this vintage Baron & Bonanzas were meant for training only…they get in the way, otherwise.

This report is for information only and does not constitute an inspection under FAA Part 43 or any other Part.

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