Friday, December 11, 2009


Well I knew getting insurance would be painful since I have no multi time to speak of other than the time it took me to get the rating and the .9 of Baron time that hooked me on the Baron.  First quote from Avemco was $8100 for 150k hull and 1m liability, 100k per passenger.  Higher than I expected and also that requires 25 hours of dual with an MEI who has at least 5 hours of B55 time, though after I get the 25 hours, the rate drops by 15%.  Not a horrible deal but the 25 hrs struck me as a lot of baby sitting time. 

I also went to Falcon through the EAA and they just got back to me with a much better quote... $5,350 for the same limits, 7 hours with an MEI that has at least 25 hours of B55 time and then 15 more solo hours before passengers.  So nearly the same time before passengers of 22 hrs vs. 25 hours, but with 15 hours being solo that should work much better, and of course... its nearly 2k cheaper.  Done!  Now I just need to locate an MEI with more than 25 hours of B55 time.  My plan is to find that guy (or gal), and have them ferry the plane back to California with me and train along the way.  That way I'll get coast to coast experience with an MEI, plus training on the new plane and also log a bunch of dual hours for insurance.  Brilliant!

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