Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Interior Deposit Finally Received - Time Crunch

I talked to the interior shop this morning and they finally received my 4k deposit.  I'm relieved because I sent it over a week ago.  The good news is they have my material selections in stock so work can begin right away.  I chose a tan leather for the seats, an off white color for the headliner and medium gray for the carpet.   I'm assuming this means they'll start Monday Dec 28th which, if I believe the 3 week estimate, puts me around the 18th of Jan.  I suspect it may take at least a week longer than that. 

The bad news is that the annual is due Feb 1.  So I'll be on a tight schedule... best case I'll get the plane back here and then have yet more down time... and likely a big hit to the wallet, especially if I decide to overhaul the props.  Welcome to aircraft ownership!  Worse case the job will take longer than expected and I'll be in a time crunch for the return flight with unpredictable Wx this time of year, or even worse, the annual will expire and I'll have to get it ferried somewhere to do the annual on the east coast.  That is so far from ideal I don't even want to think about it.

Oh well, it will all be worth it once I finally get the plane.  I just spent 8 hours in the car driving from the Bay Area to Malibu for xmas with family. Let's see, 8 hour car ride with two small kids or 1.5 hrs in the Baron.... hmmm, whatever it costs and however long it takes I'll just remind myself of that drive and consider it a bargain!!

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