Saturday, June 11, 2011

No more oil screens

Got the FM Enterprises oil filter adapters installed.

This is something I wanted to do on the old engines but once they started making metal I figured it was a good idea to change the oil every 25 hours anyway, so I held off.  These filters double the oil change interval from 25 to 50 hours.  Since an oil change is 20 qts of oil at $6 a quart, plus $30 or so for Blackstone oil analysis, plus an few hours of time, I figure these suckers basically pay for themselves.  The filters along with the new quick drain plugs should also make much easier to do my own oil changes.

Here is a before/after shot of the left engine.

I'm also having them paint the inside of the cowls, I love the look of the white paint with blue baffle seals.  The white paint should make it very easy to spot any possible oil leaks, and it looks sharp!

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