Friday, June 24, 2011

JPI installed

I went down to MaintenanceExpress today to check in on the plane and it looks freakin beautiful. The engines are gorgeous, the photos don't really do it justice. The JPI is also installed now:

The wires hanging over the front are the switch for the fuel flow mode toggle, which I'm going to have them put with the other switches under the G600, and the dataport for the download. I was severely disappointed to learn that the JPI comes with a freakin serial port interface. That's not even 1990's tech, it's like 1980's. For crissakes, they don't even make computers with serial ports anymore. I'm going to have to get this adapter to make it work:  KEYSPAN Adapter 

Also removed the old Hoskins fuel flow computer from the stack, and took out the old Alcor EGT gauge and moved the stock fuel flow gauge into that slot.

I'm thinking I'll also pull out that Collins nav/com and the standby transponder, move the radar to the bottom and put a GTN 750 on top of the 430W. Going to look around for some quotes on that. The JPI wiring for the CHT/EGT is all done, the fuel senders are installed for the fuel flow option. They did a really nice wiring job and routed all the JPI wires along the bottom of the engine instead of hanging out in a bundle on the side like I've seen on most planes. Hard to tell from this photo but it really looks clean and tight in there.

Also the LED nav lights are installed and the reskinned elevator is installed. The elevator looks great although the white paint is a slight mismatch... hard to tell in this photo though.

What's left: wing strobe fences painted and installed, finish the right engine which still needs the GAMI's installed, prop install and JPI wiring as well as the throttle body arm modification. The cockpit switches for the JPI and both engines need new dipsticks as the ones they sent have no chance of fitting in the Baron nacelle. The end is in sight. I think I'll buy one of those NFlight cam's to capture the first flight. Can't wait.

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