Thursday, May 26, 2011

LED Navs

While we're doing the wingtip strobe fences, I figured I might as well replace the bulbs on the nav lights, and while replacing the bulbs on the nav lights, I might as well upgrade them to LEDs.  These are an inexpensive upgrade from the old amp draining incandescent nav lights, and in my experience they are a LOT brighter.

I'm also replacing my covers with polycarbonate replacement clear lenses as well.  The system today uses a white bulb to pass light through red & green colored lenses, since the LED's put out colored light it makes sense to get clear lenses.  Supposedly these are an install and forget item that don't require routine replacement like the old bulbs, so well worth an upgrade.  I already have LED's on my beacon and belly strobe, you can see how bright they are in this video.  After this is done the thing will be lit up like a Christmas tree at night.

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