Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Finally some good news!


Good news, we got all the parts to mount the throttle bodies. I have been talking with Mike Jones Aircraft and they have been lot of help. Now we have moved on to the control arms on the throttle bodies. We have all the solutions for all the current problems we know about to date. The engine mounts will be here sometime next week. I'll start painting the firewalls and engine baffling tomorrow and Jpi will be installed after firewall is painted. Allan will be working on annual squawks tomorrow and the parts have been ordered. I'm waiting on Jared to give me a total for annual parts needed. I'll let you know if I need money for those. I'll have Jared get together pictures for your blog as well.

Woohoo! Made my day. I'm going to take the Gammis over there this week.

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