Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back from the shop

It turns out the MP split problem was a loose clamp on the induction hose.  Chris had changed out all the clamps but one, and as it happens that one had a small leak which caused the problem I noticed.  It took about an hour to change out the clamp because it was way up there and he had to reach up through the cowl flap to get it out.  Chris didn't charge me for the labor though so that was cool, and the engines are now running great again... smooth as butter.  Now I just need to get out more and fly her!  Even a quick flight over to Livermore for the maintenance is just such a treat, did I mention I love this plane?  She is so smooth and powerful it's ridiculous.  It was just me on board, but I blasted off out of LVK showing over 2000 fpm.  Wow!

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