Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bose X vs Zulu

I now have 4 nice headsets. 2 Zulu's, 1 Bose X and the QT Halo. By "nice" I mean a good quality headset with ANR or equivalent.  I have also have a David Clark H20-10 which is nice, but not ANR and it's basically on 5th headset duty.  Behind that I have a few cheapo sets including the crappy kids ones I bought and also my first ever headset, an old Flightcom.  My wife hates the David Clark and the kids love the Zulu's, so for family trips I needed one more good headset.  I bought a Bose X from a guy who upgraded to the new Bose A20 and paid $425 for it, shipped.  This weekend I had a chance to do a direct comparison on the Zulu to the Bose, and I must say for my head the Zulu wins hands down.  The primary reason is that the ear cups are smaller on the Bose, and so the Bose squeezes a little bit of my big ears.  My whole ear fits in the Zulu cup.  If you have small ears, it's a bit more of a wash I'd say... they have about equal noise cancellation.  So in order of preference I'd say Zulu, QT Halo, Bose X.  Value for money goes to the Halo.


  1. i tried my friends A20 yesterday. Really quiet but I could not get the BT iphone connection music to play like on my Zulu.
    Put the Zulu back on and kept flying ;_)
    neil k

  2. I tried both, zulu's and bose. I'll take my Zulu's anyday!!

  3. The bose wont let you stream music because of the nexgative affect it would have on the battery. In addition the mp3s are lowered to a very low bit rate to stream on the Zulu.

    Bose being a company that prides themselves on sound quality decided against low quality streaming and reduced battery life for a hardwire connection.