Friday, July 30, 2010

Back to the shop

I've been super slammed trying to close on a new house as well as at work and had a wild business trip to Vegas.  Now that's all sorted it's time to get the plane fixed. I emailed Chris at maintenance express and he thinks there is an induction leak or blockage somewhere, a loose clamp(s) on the rubber induction tube connection boots, a loose MP hose where it attaches to the rear, curved induction tube or induction tube not bolted to its cylinder flange tightly or else some congealed oil got into the intake manifold. The last option is the one I think most likely... as it heats up it goes liquid and the engine runs just fine.  Cold and it's blocked air through the induction tube causing lower manifold pressure.  I'm going to fly it over there on Monday and get it fixed.

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