Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Small packages

One of the awesome things about owning an aircraft is the continuous flow of packages from Aircraft Spruce.  It's like Christmas all the time.  Here is my latest package...

I ordered some ridiculously over priced cleaner, prep and sealant conditioner for the deice boots. The boots are in good condition but are getting a bit dry and chalky on the rubber, this stuff keeps them moist and shiny so they should last. I also bought a couple new engine log books since the other ones are both full, and I made my oil change entries as the first owner approved maintenance items in the books.  I'm now at 1340.0 since the factory rebuild.  I also ordered a pair of safety wire pliers and some safety wire.  I'm determined to learn to change the oil myself, so I better start learning how to do the safety wiring.

The checklist off to the left is a custom one I made.  I also have a commercial Checkmate checklist, but in truth I don't like those checklists much.  There are too many items and the print is very small and not customized to my airplane, for example there is nothing about the PFD/MFD on there.  Worst of all, the order of items on the Checkmate checklist is so haphazard they have you jumping all over the cockpit if you follow the items in order.  I tend to work through my memory items in flows, then verify with the checklist.  I don't read off the checklist and do each item one by one... too slow.  I keep the checklist out and handy when on the ground and use it to quickly verify each flow. I put it away in the air to concentrate on flying and I rely on my memory flows.... I only use checklists and/or the POH in the air for "Events".   For most of my flows, I do a reverse 7, meaning I start at the bottom of the center console, check the fuel switches, and move up to the cowl flaps, trim, up to the right side of the panel to the gear switch and then across to the left past the throttle quadrant, flap switch, circuit breakers, and electrical.  I worked up this checklist to match my flows, printed it up at Kinkos on construction paper, cut it in the middle, stuck the two sides together and laminated it.  Here is the checklist as a word doc in case anyone is interested:

B55 Colemill Checklist

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