Tuesday, March 2, 2010

On it's way

Maintenance flight went very well, Darryl reported it flies like a dream, although he had one minor squawk on the century 4 autopilot, right turns are standard rate, left turns are half standard rate... sounds like an adjustment issue. After that he went to N71 and waited 30 mins while Advantage installed the newly recovered armrests and wrote up the logbook entry.  Once that was done he headed out to Indianapolis where he has just arrived. Darryl reports he got a lot of ice and the boots worked well.  200 kts ground speed, 190 true.  Todd is now enroute to Indy and will fly it out of there tonight, I'll meet up with him on Thursday in Albuquerque and we'll take it from there.  I just realized I forgot my headset and my video cam... I'll try to find a place local where I can pick one up.

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