Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hangar view

A few people have asked me how the hangar is working out.  While I mostly really dig it, my main gripe is that it's a 25 minute drive... I'd prefer 5 minutes but the chances of convincing my wife to move into the Concord flight path are slim.  Ever see "The Castle"?  One of the best movies of all time!  Anyway I'm really happy with the hangar for the most part.  One factor in my decision in favor of choosing CCR over OAK was power... here you can see why:

I've got my transceiver plugged in and tuned to tower or ground, I've got my video camera plugged in and charging as well as my Garmin handheld.  I've moved an old office desk in there to store my crap, it looks woefully out of place, but I wasn't using it.  I'm also charging the Robotow which is pretty much a required item for my Baron... the plane is much heavier than any plane I've flown before and the only other option would be a gas powered tug.  The hangar is also equipped with power outlets out the wazzooo... I think I counted 8 separate power pods like the one above with 4 outlets on each, plus additional ones up high for the overhead lights.  The ridiculous amount of power makes me think it must have been used as a marijuanna plantation at some point.  This is California after all... I've also found the overhead lights to be key for nighttime arrivals. 

The other mostly awesome, sort of sucky thing about my hangar is the location... I'm basically in the runup area for runway 32.  Here you see why it's awesome and sucky at the same time...

That's Jerry running up in his friends Cessna 414, but then this dumbass... ahem... inconsiderate... Skywagon driver in N12AS comes along and pretty much blasts me with his prop wash.  In truth most of the blast is to the right and it looks worse than it is, but nevertheless I wouldn't want to have an engine opened up right then.  It's something I'll have to weigh... I love sitting there watching planes land and takeoff, and 32 is used less than runway 19... but with the barn doors open it also means I am a wee bit exposed...

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