Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bonanza of Bonanzas

I headed out to CCR this morning and went to Sterling to use their computer in order to refresh the XM radio in the plane.  The XM weather has been working great, but for some reason the audio needed to be refreshed and you do that by clicking a link on the website and then getting the unit out of the hangar where it can pick up the satellites.  I refreshed the signal and then pulled the plane out of the hangar and boom, 271 channels of crappy radio piped in to the six way intercom. In truth, the 80's channel isn't bad!

I'm currently shooting for logging 3 hours a week, plus at least 1 currency/proficiency course such as simcom or bppp per year.  It's a bit aggressive given work and family constraints, but it seemed like a good target to shoot for considering that this is a plane which demands proficiency... yes they all do but to a large extent, a technically advanced twin engine plane demands more from the pilot.  An added motivator is that my first year insurance was ridiculously expensive but will go down significantly once I log 100 hours or so.  Todays jaunt was to go down to Santa Maria (KSMX) to hook up with a gaggle of Bonanza drivers for a Beech flyin.  I sent a last minute text message to my buddy Rick to see if he could come too and he pushed his private student back to the afternoon so he could come along.  All told there were about 15 Bonanza's and one other Baron, not to mention what may be the most beautiful T-Bone (twin Bonanza) I've ever seen.  Stunning!  Here is a shot of a few of the planes on the ramp taken by my insurance broker and overall awesome guy who also organized the flyout, Alejandro:

I shot a couple videos but geeked it and left the camera at the hangar.  I'll have to go fetch it soon and load some up, but Alejandro also snagged these shots of us on departure:

We stopped at PRB for cheap(er) gas and I loaded up 100 gallons, prices have gone up quite a bit in the last few weeks so I'll look for deals wherever I can... from a twin owners perspective the crappy economy had its advantages! So I logged another few hours on the plane, had a really fun flight, beautiful day, good people and good food... saw lot's of fine examples of the best plane ever built. What could better? 

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