Friday, August 10, 2018

liquid amazeballs

My windows are in good condition with only a few light scratches. I'm a huge proponent of top quality paint jobs.. if you're going to spend big bucks anyways, spend a bit more and do it right. Whomever did my last paint job, a prior owners decision and the shop shall remain nameless... well, they made it look okay but let's just say they were no Don Copeland. It's subtle, but after flying this plane for year now I realized that when they did the last paint job, they didn't cover the windows very well and some very very light specs of paint seeped through the window covering and left extremely faint small paint dots on my windows. It's hard to notice, but once you know it's there you can look closely and see it.  

I'm a stickler for windows... the Tbone windows are like coming to a 60 inch 4k OLED TV compared to an old CRT standard definition TV with an aerial antennae.. Those huge beautiful windows and unobstructed outside view are a huge part of the appeal of this plane for me. Once I noticed those micro paint specs, it wore on me to the point I was considering replacing my windows entirely. No longer! I ordered this stuff... Micro gloss liquid abrasive, and took a 6 inch orbital polisher to my windows and polished the shit out of them... the results are amazing. They look like new windows. It even took out the light scratches... I had put brand new windows in my Baron and these windows now look the same. Highly recommend this stuff, the photos don't do it justice.

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