Thursday, September 13, 2018

First non annual bone maintenance

Other than my avionics upgrades which I did myself via the Avidyne self install kit, I've been pretty lucky with the plane.  I've had no out of annual shop maintenance at all.  The oil changes I've been doing myself, at quite a cost savings I'll add.  But now I have an issue with my right starter sticking, so it's coming off to go for overhaul.  While it's there I'm having them look at a minor oil leak on the left engine, and a small leak in the left pilot side brake master cylinder.  I'm also having them rehinge the airstair door.  That is probably going to be a lot of labor ($$$) but I'm going for paint in November and I figure I might as well have it done right before paint.  My hinge has a half assed repair on it and a few of the hinge groves are worn out.  Hopefully it won't be down too long.

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