Sunday, June 24, 2018

B-Kool pirep

Summer is here and last week we had a bit of a heat wave so I got to make use of my B-Kool.  I have ice at the Pilatus hangar so this is a pretty awesome way to have poor mans air conditioning.  I ran a long cord to the cigarette lighter adapter in the front and have the B-Kool in the aft baggage area.

The amount of air moved by the little motor inside is really impressive.  It basically just sucks in hot air and runs it over the cold ice and blows it out the ducted vent.  I'd say it cooled the cabin down by at least 10-15 degrees.  It was over 100 deg outside, but running this made it tolerable.  We even kept it on in cruise because it's just nice to have cool wind blowing.  It's especially ideal for the cabin passengers but still a bit toasty up front, so I bought a little rechargeable electric fan which I'm going to velcro to the glare shield.

Loungey back there in the Tbone!

All good for summer flying!

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