Saturday, September 3, 2011

New hangar, running LOP

I'm past 10 hours on the new engines now so today I had a 3.8 hr flight and experimented with LOP ops. The engines are doing great LOP and run smoothly past 50 deg LOP at 8-9k. On my two leg course (Norcal to Socal and back) I was running WOT at 21 inches and 2450 rpm. At 50-75 ROP I settled in at about 191 kts true on 25-26 gph. At 50-70 LOP I was getting 184 kts on 21-22 gph. The fuel flow on my JPI is still jumping around too much, but it seems to fluctuate in a range the roughly corresponds to my stock FF gauge so I'm pretty sure these numbers are close. 

Also spent a couple afternoons moving into my new hangar.  The old one just had too many spiders and truth be told I didn't like being basically inside the 32R runup area.  The wind blew dirt and dust under the hangar door and when the wind wasn't enough, pilots would fill in the gaps by pointing their runups right in my face.  The new hangar has a nice gray painted cement floor, clean walls and is nicely snuggled in row D away from the rat filled fields and well wind sheltered.  Moving is always a pain in the arse but will be worth it I think.  

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  1. FWIW, our JPI doesn't show an erratic fuel flow at all. Cardinal RG, Lycoming IO-360, and a JPI FS-450. The JPI wavers around 0.3gph at 10gph. You were saying you get 4gph in variance? Maybe that's normal for a Baron, I don't know anything about low wings and their pump assisted fuel feeds, but I'd double check with JPI and/or your mechanic.