Sunday, August 21, 2011


Got 6.3 on the tach now and the engine temps have settled down nicely. I'm seeing EGT's in the 350-360 range pretty consistently, the hottest cylinder seems to be #6 on the right engine but the rest are lined up pretty much flat at high power. I bought an NFlightCam and recorded my quick gas hop over the TCY yesterday ($4.88) where I went to fillup before my fourth breakin flight. I think another few hours and I'll feel pretty good about loading up the family, the engines are purring but there are still a few squawks...

Erratic fuel flow still on the JPI
Spar cover passenger seat plastic cracked/broken somehow during all this work, I'd like them to fix or replace.
Carpet detached a bit from front pilot side wall
Syncrophaser INOP
Getting the plane reweighed for accurate weight and balance
Hole in the center panel where the hoskins was removed needs a cover plate.

Here is the vid, I'm still figuring out this camera so bear with me:

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